Marsden AGRI is a NZ limited company specialising in custom blended fertiliser and animal health solutions.


After 10 years specialising in horticulture and 23 years supporting the soil nutrient needs of NZ Farmers; no one is more passionate about delivering optimum pasture performance and fertiliser return than Marsden AGRI’s  Founder and Managing Director Carl Sisson.

Combining domestic agriculture experience with the Sisson family importing background in  2007 Carl founded Marsden AGRI, initially operating as a division of the families longstanding import company.

In 2016 after 9 years of successful trading, Carl realised his dream of making Marsden AGRI (2007) Ltd a standalone company.

Due to the number of farmers recognising the benefits of Marsden AGRI’s  custom approach and commitment to long-term results, 2018 has seen the expansion of our main Waharoa distribution hub and Sales Team.


Founded on the beliefs;

Experience is everything in an industry where many so-called Technical Sales Reps have no real-world experience and come and go within a few years.  All Marsden AGRI Sales Consultants are qualified specialists with real-world experience and a commitment to long-term relationships.

Optimum fertiliser return is NOT achieved with a ‘one size (or one commodity) suits all approach.  Blending to individual farm nutrient needs you address the limiting factors and only pay for what you need and none of what you don’t. 

Results speak louder than words. In an industry full of talk and promises Marsden AGRI has continually demonstrated value supporting local farmers achieve optimum fertiliser return and increased production.

As Nutrient Management Specialists we, not only provide  GPS soil test and herbage analysis, Nutrient Budgets and Nutrient Management Plans we also believe in the value of on-farm visual assessment of animal health and pasture. Regular on-farm visits are a key part of the Marsden AGRI relationship delivering value that can not be replicated by text, 0800 number, ap or website.



Marsden AGRI is committed to providing custom products and personalised services.

Our experienced and respected Consultants take the time to understand your unique situation and needs, providing custom fertiliser blends suited to individual farm nutrient and trace element requirements for today and the longer term.

Marsden AGRI fertiliser recommendations are predominately based on nutrient budgeting and GPS soil and herbage test analysis.

Our range of Animal Health Feed and Mineral Solutions are selected (or specifically formulated) for local climate and conditions.

Marsden AGRI source bulk product both domestically and via direct import from longstanding and well tested international suppliers.

As we stand behind the quality of product supplied with each batch of imported product retested in New Zealand.

Optimum, sustainable and long-term benefit via quality customised solutions and a long-term relationship is the epicentre of our business.